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Adrea and the inquisition by Kevin75da

This story is inspired by the a 3D-rendering-series of Restif at DeviantArt.


Adrea and the inquisition

Spain 1492. The inquisition is at full rage and women all around the country are accused, tortured and burned at the stake in dozens daily, everywhere across the country.

Adrea, daughter of a local wine-dealer, aged 23, is arrested by the inquisitional-guard in the town of Andorra, at the Spanish province of Aragon.

After transferring her to the prison, Adrea is led directly to the interrogation.

Her hands tied behind her back, she enters a large room. To the left and right, four priests sit behind large desks, reading and sorting large papers. In the back of the room, on a hightened floor-base, the grand-inquisitor awaits the suspects, flanked by two high-ranking clerics. In the middle of the ring of accusers, stands a simple wooden chair, where the victim must sit and await her fate.

Adrea was stunned and scared. She stopped just 2 steps behind the door, shaking her head in horror.

"P..p..please, I didn't do anything! Let me go home, please!", the young woman whispered, looking with pleading eyes at the grand-inquisitor.

There he was, Manuel Cepo, grand-inquisitor of the holy Spanish inquisition. He made his way up to the highest rank by being systematic, cold-hearted and merciless questioning of his victims, using torture whenever he doesn't get the confessions and information he seeks for.

"Come closer, my child, sit on the chair, please.", the man next to the grand-inquisitor says kindly to Adrea.
The girl obeys, walking to her place on shaking legs, sitting down with great anticipation and fear in her eyes.

"It came to our ears, that you have been involved in acts of witchcraft. You were seen in the woods, collecting spices and plants, including many, known as poisoning and even deadly ones. Other people reported, you were seen at witch-meetings, dancing naked around a hellfire and worshipping the devil by singing in strange languages and crawling around like animals. All these facts were proven and signed by people, so don't lie to us and confess your sins to this court NOW!", Cepo accuses the girl, reading in some of the papers on the large desk in front of him from time to time.

Adrea jumps up shaking her head from side to side in fear and rage.
"No, please, this is absolutely not true! I didn't do any of this! I am a good Christian and had never ever anything to do with witchcraft. I fear the devil and would never worship him! Please, believe me, I am innocent! I swear!", she begs.

"Sit down at once, you little liar!", the inquisitor screams. "This is your last chance! Confess your sins and give us the names of all women you are in company with at your devilish meetings! Confess! Free your soul from satan and come back in god's arms!", Cepo implores the young woman, looking at her with wide-open eyes who seems to burn.

Adrea falls on her knees and starts to cry. She pleads at the inquisitor: "Please, I swear to god, I didn't do anything! Have mercy, please, I am innocent! Ask everybody I know! I am a believing Christian and go to church 3 times a week! Please, this must be a misunderstanding. I am innocent!"

Cepo looks to his assistants left and right and all ten men nod. Adrea's fate is sealed. What follows, will give her the most horrible days of her life, making her endure things, she never thought possible.
The grand-inquisitor stands up and orders in an official, strict tone: "Adrea Rodriguez! Because of your stubborn unwillingness to confess, this court needs to quit the friendly questioning now and send you to the responsibility of the specialists at the torture-chamber. The interrogation will be continued there in a few minutes. Take her downstairs!"

Two guards grab Adrea and pull her out of the room. Even if she struggles, twists and turns in total panic, there is no escape. "Nooo! Please, nohoohooo! No torture, please! I am innocent! Pleeeease, let me goohoohooo!", she screams.

The men lead the woman down some corridors and stairways, deeper and deeper into the underground of the prison.
Finally they stop in front of a heavy wooden door. As it is opened and the girl pushed inside, her blood is freezing and cold sweat runs down her face. Adrea never saw anything like this before. It is pure horror.

The room is large, about 20 or more square-meter, filled with the most strange and bad-looking instruments, Adrea not even imagined in her worst nightmares.

Allover the place stands furniture, the woman can not guess it's real use, or she can see, it is designed, to keep a prisoner in a position, that the torturer can do anything he wants to and even the wooden- or metal-construction in itself, looks like it causes suffering from just being tied to it.

There is a rack, a spiked witch-chair, the thick rope, attached to the pulley at the 5-meter-high ceiling, known as "strappado", a large wooden wheel, attached to a spinable-base on the floor, a standing-pillory with holes for hands and head, a standing cross with leather-straps at all ends of the t-frame, in another corner stands the x-shaped andreas-cross and in the center of the room, with some more free space around it, the stocks, a bench with a simple wooden back and two massive, thick oakwood blocks that can be opened and securely closed, locked with metal bolts, offering 4 holes where the accused has to put her feet in, either in the openings close to each other or the outside ones, for separating the feet a little, making it impossible to protect one sole with the other foot. At the wall whips, leather-straps, tawses, sticks and canes in all different sizes, length and thickness are hanging. Red-hot irons glow in a fireplace in a corner and buckets with water stand next to some of the constructions.

Adrea is in pure shock, knowing she will not be able to stand five minutes of unbearable pain, she thinks these tools will cause on her sensitive body.

From a secret-door at the side, the grand-inquisitor, an assistant interrogator and a massive, tall man with a black hood-mask enter the chamber. The 2 clerics seat themselves on a table and the assistant arranges the trial-papers allover it.

The masked man asks the grand-inquisitor. "How you want me to begin? Where do you want her to be placed?"

Cepo looks at Adrea from head to toe. She is about 1,70 meter tall, a well-formed body with long legs and size 40 feet , all in great shape and healthy. Her simple clothing offer a good look at all possible targets for torture.

A secret, not allowed to discussed openly, by threat of death-penalty, was a special interest of the great-inquisitor.
He really enjoyed female feet, especially if they were in such nice quality as those of his new victim, standing in his dungeon now. Cepo loves to see the soles of a girl being tortured and his favorite is tickle-torture, because it does not damage the feet at all, but causes so exquisite reactions of the victim, he could watch such torment for hours, repeating the torture over several days, if the victim is strong enough, not to talk too early.

Wearing only a pair of sandals, offers the inquisitor a very good look at Adrea's feet and he likes what he sees. His decision is found quick.

"The stocks! Is the goat ready?", he orders his torture-specialist.

"As you wish! The little pet is starving since her last use, 5 days ago, so she will do her job in perfection, I guess.",
the hooded man answers, with a little grin at his face as he turns to the guards that still hold the woman at her arms.
"Over here! Come on, sit her on the bench!", the torturer orders and helps to sit Adrea on the hard, cold wooden bench.
"The outer holes at first, as always?", asks the masked man and the grand inquisitor just nodded back without a word.

The upper block is lifted up and Adrea's ankles are place in the half-circle-spaces at the outer-sides of the lower oak-block that is attached with several thick nails and bolts to the bench the girl sits on. With quick and skilled moves, the torturer removes her sandals and closes the stock, securing it with two thick metal bolts on each side of the block, hammering them through massive iron-rings, to make it impossible to escape for the helpless feet.

The hands of the prisoner were still tied together on the back and additionally, one guard ties them to a metal-ring at the back of the bench, so the girl can not even lean her upperbody forward more than some inches.

Adrea is so shocked and overpowered by the scene, that all resistance is gone. She totally gave herself into her fate now, awaiting in unimaginable fear and horror, whatever might happen to her now. All she knows is, that she will not confess what she has never done. She will not lie, because that would be a sin, too. She can not give names witches, because she never ever really met one. All she can do is standing whatever will happen and try to proof her innocence to the inquisitor by enduring all he wants her to stand.

As one of the guards leaves the room, following the order of the grand inquisitor, to get the goat, the hooded man places himself infront of the stocks, looking deep into Adrea's eyes.

"Let me explain what will happen now, little witch. You are here to help you, to confess your sins and give Inquisitor Cepo the information, he needs to fight the devil, where ever he shows up. You can be thankful, that he is so merciful to use a form of torture, that doesn't leave any marks and no permanent damage at all. I could have been ordered to use whips, canes, stretching you, squeezing and pressing your extremities or even burn your flesh with the red-hot irons, too."

The girl starts to cry hard, throwing her head from side to side, so her long black hair is flying around wildly.
"No, no, please, no pain! Please, have mercy! Oh god, help me! I have done nothing bad!", she pleads.

The torturer takes a bucket, filled with water to the half and walks over to a big barrel in a darker corner of the room. He opens the lid and uses  a large wooden ladle, to pour high amounts of a white powdery substance into the water-bucket.
Adrea can not see what exactly the man is doing and pulls at her ties in anticipation and fear, but without any minimal effect of freeing herself. The stocks, ropes and iron-rings hold her tight.

The man puts the ladle back in the barrel, closes it and takes a rough and large brush from the wall behind. With view- and hearable accelerated efforts, he starts to stir up the 2 materials in the bucket by spinning the brush around and around for several minutes.  As he seems to be pleased with the result, he walks over to the stocks again and stands right infront of Area's bare and helpless soles, the brush in one hand, the bucket with the unknown mixture in the other hand.

….to be continued
This story is based on a picture-series of Restif.

You can find the images here:


I hope you enjoy the intro so far.


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