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Adrea and the inquisition - Part 4 (Final)
Adrea and the inquisition - Part 4 (Final)
Adrea is crying hard, looking at the inquisitor with tearfilled eyes, pleading him to stop the torture. “Oh pleeeheeheeheease, I really don’t know any more witches! Make it stop, please! I confessed and gave you a name, isn’t that enough? Have mercy, please! I can’t take anymore tickling on my soles! Please, not the goat again! It tickles so very bad!”
Ignoring the girl’s moaning completely, Rodrigo goes back to the barn, but this time deeper inside, but coming back out with something, that lets Adrea’s blood freeze, leaving her totally paralyzed for a good 10 seconds.
As the torturer heads back towards the stocks, he lead TWO goats behind him! They are smaller and seem to be younger than Isabella, but they already smelled the salt on the girl’s soles and jump from joy about being fed very soon.
“No! Nohoohoo! You can’t... Please! Anything but that! Not two of them! Oh goooohoohood, I
:iconkevin75da:kevin75da 16 7
Adrea and the inquisition - Part 3
This is part 3 of my story about Adrea's suffering at the inquisitor's torture-chamber.
Enjoy and have fun! Greets, Kevin.
Adrea and the inquisition - Part 3
Rodrigo already finished coating the soles of his unbelievable-ticklish victim and puts Isabella back to work. The goat seems to be very happy to get a second chance for licking more salt off. Without a second of relief, Adrea is laughing hysterically again, as the hungry animal continues to get some food from the girl’s feet.
“Aaahaaahaaaahaaahaaaaa! Noohoohooo m.m.mmmmooohoohoohoooore! Iiiiiiiihiiihiihiiii! Geeeheeheeet t.t.thaahaahaat g.g.gooohooohooooaaahaahaaat f.f.frohohooom my f.f.feeeheeheeheeeeet! Haaaahaahaaahaahaaahaaahaahaaaaa!”, Adrea screams in agony, jumping up and down on her bottom, as much as her ties allow it.
Isabella realizes quickly, that both soles have been covered with brine very thick, so she can change h
:iconkevin75da:kevin75da 12 3
Adrea and the inquisition - Part 2
Finally, I made it! Here comes another part of the story!
Coments welcome!
Adrea and the inquisition - Part 2......
"W.w.what are you doing to me? Please, don't hurt me!", Adrea begs and looks fearfully at the tools in her captor's hands, having absolutely no idea, what will happen to her now.
"Then you should better talk or you will suffer!", the inquisitor calmly says from the background of the room while walking to a comfortable chair that is placed on a little higher position in a corner of the room, making it possible for him, to watch any activity in the chamber, no matter what instrument is used .
With a little wink of his hand, Cepo ordered: "Rodrigo, proceed!"
The henchman puts the bucket on the floor, right infront of the stocks, dips the brush deep into the substance and starts to coat Adrea's left sole with the brine. Up and down, again and again, the bristles run over her sensitive foot.
:iconkevin75da:kevin75da 18 7
Story: Adrea and the inquisition
Adrea and the inquisition by Kevin75da
This story is inspired by the a 3D-rendering-series of Restif at DeviantArt.
Adrea and the inquisition
Spain 1492. The inquisition is at full rage and women all around the country are accused, tortured and burned at the stake in dozens daily, everywhere across the country.
Adrea, daughter of a local wine-dealer, aged 23, is arrested by the inquisitional-guard in the town of Andorra, at the Spanish province of Aragon.
After transferring her to the prison, Adrea is led directly to the interrogation.
Her hands tied behind her back, she enters a large room. To the left and right, four priests sit behind large desks, reading and sorting large papers. In the back of the room, on a hightened floor-base, the grand-inquisitor awaits the suspects, flanked by two high-ranking clerics. In the middle of the ring of accusers, stands a simple wooden chair, where the victim must sit and await her fate.
Adrea was stunned and scared. She stopped just 2 ste
:iconkevin75da:kevin75da 19 5


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Kevin Koch
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I am a fetishist of female feet and legs
in nylon-pantyhose or cotton-tights,
esp. I love to see soles of the feet.

I love tickling and falaka/bastinado to
female soles in pantyhose, too.

I am owner and photographer of

I have experiment with 3D-software
like Lightwave 3D and Vue Infinite.

All artificial work is only a hobby.
I have a normal 40-hours-per-week-job,
so my time is limited.


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